About Us

HorseTrip.com began in 2001 as an idea I had when on the road with horses. There was no overnight stabling directory online. Many horsemen were unfamiliar with computers much less the internet and didn’t have the time to develop one. The only recourse I had was to pull over in unsafe areas, i.e. rest areas or truck stops. There could have been a facility at the next exit but there was no way of knowing. When I returned home, I called Western Horseman and inquired if they knew of a book or anything that had overnight stabling information. There was one, but it took a couple of weeks to receive it. Wouldn’t it be great if you could access this information instantly or while on the road? Even if you are traveling in the finest rig, your horses still need to unload and rest from constantly bracing while in the trailer. Onloading helps to prevent muscle soreness and joint problems from being on long hauls. Horsetrip.com provides those facilities that are safe and easy to access near the interstate or major highways. We also have “off the beaten path” vacation spots for the trail riders. Stable owners are horse people. We are all one big family looking out for each other and our beloved horses. Give us a try and tell your friends. We are here for you.

The Horsetrip.com Team

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